Music, Musings, and Me has been a home base of indie pop coverage for nearly three years now. With concert diaries, music news, clues lists, song reviews, and conversations with rising artists, this blog is the perfect stop to keep up with your favorite pop artists and pick up on the hints you might be missing about new projects and other exciting opportunities. If you're a fellow fangirl (in practice or at heart) or if you simply want to catch up on all the details you don't have time to unearth yourself, Music, Musings, and Me has you covered with multiple new posts a week and a recap newsletter every Sunday to catch you up and provide extra bonus content like weekly playlists and a summary of major music news from around the internet.  


For PR Request, to collaborate, or to send me a message, you can email Lanie at lbricecontact@gmail.com
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About the Blogger:
Hi, my name is Lanie Brice, and I created Music, Musings, and Me as a sister blog to my book blog I'd created a few years prior called Reading, Writing, and Me. I loved the outlet my first blog provided to talk about books, and I wanted a new home base to explore my passion for music. Particularly, I wanted a dedicated home to record little diary entries of all the concerts I attended so the memories would never fully fade. When the pandemic hit, that purpose for the blog faded a bit, and it caused me to jump headfirst into covering music news, song reviews, and spotlighting the new artists that I was discovering expanding this blog into being updated multiple times a week. 
I am LA based and currently studying Music Industry at the Thornton School of Music. I also have written for a variety of publications besides my own including Her Campus, Trojans 360, and Luna Collective. I would love to work with more outlets, so feel free to send over an email about collaborating! 

If you want more music content including reactions to new albums and old, playlists, monthly favorites, college vlogs and more, check out my YouTube Channel. Click here to visit the home page and subscribe!

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