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Welcome to Music, Musings, and Me, the sister blog of Reading, Writing, and Me and a companion to my YouTube Channel. You've found my music blog where I talk about the music I'm obsessed with and the pop culture moments that come out of the music world. First and foremost, though, I want to use this platform to create a time capsule of my musical taste and experiences. I've created a page dedicated to my concert experiences and recording the memories of those nights when they're still vivid. I'm so excited to get to share the songs I'm loving at the moment with all of you. I also put out articles on current music news, award show coverage, and explanations that easily break down some of the more mysterious parts of the industry. I'm probably most popular for my posts that compile all the clues artists leave leading up to new releases. Hopefully, it'll also help you connect to some songs you haven't heard before, or it'll give you a place to enjoy it with someone who loves the music just as much as you do. 

For nearly two years, I've been sharing my thoughts on the latest songs and music videos in real time. These articles have gotten picked up by update accounts and even noticed by some of the artists I look up to most. Here's the Tweet Fletcher sent me after reading my article on her latest music video:

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I am to have my platform and share my perspective as a music lover and a teenage girl- two things that history shows work incredibly well together.