Mistine Returns with New Tack "Temporary Feeling" About Summer Love

photo credit: Biata Shim-Tov
Mistine launched her career with light, airy pop bops, and on the heals of "Everett Park," her latest release "Temporary Feeling" is no exception. The new song is out today and is the perfect song to ease into the season changing and soak in the magic of what could be this summer. 

On "Temporary Feeling," Mistine sings about falling for someone incredibly fast yet feeling like you've known them forever. Time slows down with them, and every day feels like ages. She dreams about sunset drives and going to the beach, stealing moments together even if they're not meant to last. As her frequent refrain of, "You're not gonna break my heart," echoes towards the end of the song, this isn't a love story that will have a crushing end. Everyone knows that it's only meant to be summer fling, and the song doesn't dwell in what will happen after the summer ends, though Mistine does address it in the song. Even though she knows they'll drive back up the parkway and her hair will lose its sun-kissed hue, she's not ruining the moment over its inevitable ending. 

The production blends electronic sounds and repeating melodic refrains. She leans into summery synths and an electric guitar backbone before layering in the cheery, bright drums that pour sunshine over the chorus. It's bubbly, fun, and inviting. The song oozes with the season and all of its trappings, and it would be the perfect addition to add to a movie or TV show to drive home an instant beachy, carefree moment. 

Mistine describes the song as capturing "an ideal summer fling" and characterizes it as, "the middle of a sentimental rom-com," in the press release, which pretty accurately sums it up. Mentions of parkways and the beach bring the listener straight to the Jersey Shore destination she's reminiscing about. The song came about over FaceTime with one of her former roommates as they built this perfect fantasy together between the song's setting in New Jersey and sunny, bright LA. 

In addition to this song, Mistine has already announced a limited merch run allowing her earliest supporters to purchase cute shirts that will become coveted items as her rising star ascends. She's also planning to culminate her single releases into a 5 track EP by the end of the summer to unveil her first full body of work as an artist since college. 

If you want to learn more about Mistine, we met up a few months ago over Zoom when her song, "Everett Park," released to talk about moving from the backing band to the spotlight, going to college for music, writing songs, and so much more. 

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