Olivia Rodrigo and Her Many Brands: Betsey Johnson, Glossier, Reformation, Vivienne Westwood, and Much More

Olivia Rodrigo has dabbled in many careers in her 19 years of life from acting in TV and movies to becoming an international pop star. But with all of her new fame and attention, Olivia has also harnessed quite a bit of influence and her street style has been heralding in new trends and bringing her favorite brands to the forefront. While I enjoy a good Olivia Rodrigo song as much as the next person, I've always followed her with a keen eye towards her fashion, and I'm definitely not alone in that. From reminding everyone how great a plaid, grungey mini skirt is to causing all the sequined butterfly tops on the internet to sell out, Olivia has left her mark in the last year she's taken over the world. 

Interestingly, Olivia has always taken steps to heavily align herself with the fashion world, even without formally stepping into it. From modeling her own merch at the start of her career to launching a Depop to sell pieces of her own, Olivia has always intertwined herself with clothes. Generally promoting a message of environmentally conscious shopping and a love of second hand, I've really loved watching her impact on fashion. Also, personally, I'm such a fan of her ability to mix grungey and girly, blending them and also sliding back and forth effortlessly as her style has grown and evolved. She also pulls threads of 90s and early 2000s style into her wardrobe in a way that feels modern and reimagined instead of simply like throwback cosplay. 

Since I've had more than a few friends get extremely excited when I introduced them to the Instagram account @oliviarodrigocloset so they'd know exactly where to buy her outfits, I thought it would be fun to compile and list and discuss some of Olivia's favorite brands from her street style, red carpets, and endorsements as she toes the line between chic pop princess and Hollywood's latest, greatest influencer. 

I do want to note that per @oliviarodrigocloset, which was absolutely integral to my research, Chloe and Chendelle Delgadillo deserve credit for many of Olivia's latest looks on and off the carpet, and as her stylists, play a hand in shaping Olivia's fashionista voice. 

Betsey Johnson

from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

Betsey Johnson feels like the only appropriate place to start at the moment considering the fact that this designer has been dominating her closet from Sour Prom Premier to the "Brutal" music video to her recent tour wardrobe. While Olivia has worn her fair share of high fashion brands like YSL and Givenchy, Betsey Johnson feels like a much more at home fit for the 19 year old star.
As a fellow nearly 19 year old, I can attest that Betsey Johnson has a certain appeal. I nearly bought a pair of wild, denim, confetti covered second hand Betsey Johnson heels at the Melrose Trading Post (and I still think about them often). While the brand originally peaked in the 90s, there's a definite appeal to their youthful, funky, out-there designs that ooze personality from every pore. From vintage slips to mini dresses made for prom, Olivia has fully embraced the return of Y2K style with an authentic brand. 

I also think that Betsey Johnson is a great brand for Olivia to work with (whether they're actually collaborating in an official manner remains to be seen) because they're a designer name at a much more affordable price point than the designers that stars typically align themselves with, and new and second hand Betsey Johnson items are actually an affordable splurge for a teen girl. It's much more fun to follow your favorite celeb's style when you can actually own a piece of it yourself. 
Speaking of, if you're still daydreaming about Olivia Rodrigo's Sour Prom Premiere dress, you can have one of your own for the current sale price of $49.50 from the Betsey Johnson site. While Vogue says that Olivia's dress came from the archive, the new generation is a perfect dupe, and I've already watched Twitter get into a flurry snatching them up. 


Stevie Dance

Olivia just launched her official partnership with Glossier this week, but she's been sharing her genuine love for the brand for a long time. Nearly a year ago, Olivia partnered Vogue to create "Olivia Rodrigo's Guide to Effortless Skin-Care and Makeup" where she introduced me, and many others, to Glossier. Though the video felt like a massive exercise in product placement, Olivia's enthusiasm for the products as she told stories of her friend introducing her to them felt so genuine I signed up for Glossier's email newsletter. While Glossier has gotten a major boost this year with their new Melrose store becoming a massive influencer/LA tourist hub, Olivia has been a huge part of their continued growth with Gen Z as she's used their products in her many red carpet looks lately. While I have yet to actually purchase anything from the brand, I'm still thoroughly intrigued

Olivia's Glossier Routine:


Another mainstay brand in Olivia's closet for her street style is Reformation. While the credit for my Reformation obsession belongs solely to Best Dressed, it felt incredibly relatable watching Olivia casually start wearing more and more Reformation as her wardrobe budget increased (because I would totally do the same). While quite pricey, Reformation gained popularity for its commitment to eco-friendly transparency and the idea that clothes could be produced in more sustainable ways. The criticism that no company that encourages constant consumption can be sustainable is valid, but I do find that a good selection of their pieces (mainly their jeans and older collections) are quite durable and would last seasons and seasons to come. 
Olivia is often seen in their dresses, sweaters, and tops, and she was even recently spotted shopping at their Melrose show room. 

Collaborations from Tab Vintage, Aralda Vintage 

Getty Images Chip Somodevilla

Speaking of integrating sustainability into her brand and her style, many of Olivia's outfits on and off the carpet come from collaborations with different vintage stores where Olivia gets to loan out show stopping pieces. She's done this with a number of different vintage stores in LA and NYC, and while it's not uncommon for celebrities to take out expensive pieces on loan, it is cool that Olivia uses this platform to choose pre-loved clothes to promote the idea of second hand to her fans. 
One of her most iconic looks, a pink, Elle Woods-esque Chanel skirt suit that she wore to the White House falls into this catagory and further associated part of her fashion identity with impeccably chosen vintage pieces that get treated to a modern styling update with shoes and accessories like the sky high, chunky, white heels she wore with the Chanel look. 

Dr. Martens 


When it comes to shoes, Dr. Martens are a mainstay. When she's not wearing show stopping heels, she's usually in a pair of delightfully clompy boots. Whether they're paired with plaid cargo pants or a twirly dress, the boots always make the perfect statement. I've been enamored with them for years and years, but I get blisters wearing Nikes, so I've always been too afraid for my feet to take the plunge into the Dr. Marten world. 

Olivia Rodrigo Shop

Olivia actually got me to take a stab at trying. A pair of rainbow sheened black Docs caught my eye in one of her early press interviews, and when I found a severely marked down pair on Zappos, I jumped at the chance to finally try the boots. Unfortunately, they were defective, and I had to return them, but one of these days, I'm going to have to try again. 
Now I just need Olivia to share her tips for breaking them in without breaking your feet. Though, do celebrities have to go through the pain of breaking in their own shoes, or is there a way around that particular pain point for famous people?

Heaven by Marc Jacobs

from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

Marc Jacobs, and particularly the Heaven by Marc Jacobs offshoot, is one of her more under the radar frequent outfit collaborators. From working on her custom VMAs dress to being responsible for some of Olivia's most iconic, favorite pair of sky high boots, Heaven has left a mark on Olivia's closet and her evolving sense of style. Heaven has been heralded as a favorite for Gen Z, though its hearty price tag is likely a barrier to many of us who do appreciate their designs. It is interesting to note that those who work at Heaven are more than okay with taking the small batch route and encouraging Gen Z's love of finding pieces on reseller sites instead of shopping directly from the somewhat elusive brand. This slower take on fashion is imperative to solving the massive waste issue it creates.

Kevin Mazur Getty Images for MTV/VIACOMCBS

From carrying their bags to red carpets to wearing baby tees and camo micro-mini skirts, Olivia has demonstrated the range of their collections and created some iconic looks with them. I've added many a Heaven designs worn by Olivia to my thrifting mood boards. 
For the record, as a boot lover through and through, I'm never getting over Olivia's favorite Kiki boots.

Tripp NYC

Sam Gehrke for Rolling Stone

Lately, Tripp NYC has been working their way into Olivia's heavy rotation. This elevated Hot Topic-like brand is responsible for all of the plaid print cargo pants she's worn on stage lately. From chain covered pants to the pleated mini skirts that have become synonymous in my mind with Olivia (when I thrifted a purple and pink one I told everyone I'd found my "Brutal" skirt, and it's one of the most complimented pieces in my wardrobe), this brand definitely speaks to the edgier side of her style.
With skirts and pants coming in around $100, it's not the most reasonably priced for building a wardrobe, but it is one of the more accessible brands that Olivia wears these days. Also, another plus about these designs is that they're not hard to find quality dupes for at the thrift store and on Depop. My similar skirt cost around $10. 

from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

Good old Casetify. If you watch enough YouTube to have a favorite YouTuber you're already well versed in this particular brand. I've had a Casetify case for a while now (thanks for Claudia Sulewski), and while the sides of the case have pretty much detached from the back, it still looks pretty cute and has saved my phone from serious damages on a number of occasions. So they do work. 
Olivia, for a long time, had one of the quintessential influencer cases with the green heart covered design, but recently, she came out with a line of her own cases with Castefity. While these are quite pricey, especially for a phone case, I'd count this as another successful, long game collaboration that felt quite natural for Olivia. 


from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

When it comes to high-end fashion, Area has been a consistent favorite with Olivia despite it being a less recognizable name outside of the fashion world. You know this brand is high-end, though, as their site offers browsing by collection or couture. Most notably, Olivia wore the Collection 02 Feather Strap Mini Dress when she visited James Corden on the Late Late Show. With other stars like Dua Lipa repping the brand on stage, Olivia is in great company. They do a great job of taking the frilly, fun satin, feathers, and gems of Y2K and presents them in a way that still feels sleek and refined. 

Vivienne Westwood

from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

Vivienne Westwood is having a moment again when it comes to celebrity style. With Olivia, the luxury brand has collaborated with her on everything from unearthing vintage mini skirts to creating custom red carpet and tour looks for her. Given the fashion house's place within the punk and new wave scene, they make perfect sense as collaborators for Olivia and speak to a similar vein of her style as the Betsey Johnson outfits. Vivienne Westwood has also recently worked with stars like Halsey on creating their elaborate wardrobe for the If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power short film.

Corsets and Bustiers As Tops

from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

While Olivia hasn't quite settled on a brand of choice yet for this latest era of her fashion, she's definitely promoting the burgeoning trend of incorporating lacy corsets and lingerie into every day and evening outfits. This has particularly come through lately in her stage outfits where she seems to be experimenting with new dimensions of her previous looks. While it's already certain that there are plenty of mom's out there less than thrilled with this particular turn of inspiration, this trend has been developing in interesting ways over the last year pairing frilly, bright corsets along with darker, refined black ones with jeans and cargo pants and even blazers to dress them down. Olivia has recently worn corsets from Edikted (another major staple brand in Olivia's closet that's similar to Princess Polly), Victoria's Secret, Alessandra Rich, Praying, and Saint SintraI highly recommend checking out Urban Outfitters sales if you're looking for more affordable lookalikes.

Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, & Brandy Melville

While I'm not a fan of encouraging anyone to shop fast fashion or support these brands, I figured that it's worth mentioning that Olivia's fashion once included (and sometimes still does) many pieces from these more affordable fast fashion brands, especially from her early days doing HSMTMTS promo. I love finding Urban Outfitters second-hand, and I often (unfortunately) find that many of the pieces that make me run across the thrift store are from Forever 21. There really are fun, expressive clothes for you to emulate Olivia's style (or create your own) at a range of price points. 

from @oliviarodrigo on Instagram

A Note

I just wanted to end off this list, which features many pricey and designer brands, by saying that just because much of what Olivia wears now isn't accessible to most fans, it can still be fun to take inspiration from her style and use it to figure out your own. Pinpointing certain cuts, styles, and designs can help hone in on what you might want to add to your wardrobe. 
Also, as Olivia often likes to highlight, great wardrobe finds can come second-hand through thrift stores or even places like Depop. My Olivia-inspired skirt came from a no-name brand off Depop for $10, and it's one of the best recent additions I've made to my wardrobe. As fun as it can be to talk about brands and high fashion, creating your own looks or upcycling can be just as fun and even more unique and creative— along with being far better for the planet. So if I can give any advice, it's to take the parts of Olivia's wardrobe you love to create your own version perfectly tailored to you! 

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