Harry Styles Reveals Harry's House Track List on Instagram Stories: My Predictions for the Album

Depending on your point of view, Harry Styles either just leaked or revealed the Harry's House track list on his own personal Instagram story since it's still not up on Apple Music. It's a marvel he posted directly and not through HSHQ in the first place. I did a triple take when I saw the Side A and B labels next to a 31 second marker on the story. I had to click through to his profile to make sure I wasn't dreaming. We already knew we were getting 13 tracks, and after Coachella, we were sure the album includes "Late Night Talking," "As It Was," and "Boyfriends." Then, in the Better Homes and Gardens profile, we learn about "Daylight" and got a few sampled lyrics from the writer. But now we know the names of all 13 tracks. 

Track list reveals are my favorite part of any album release. The anticipation can truly bubble over when you can claim tracks and dream up what the songs might be about or sound like. So that's what I'm going to do for all of you today–provide my track by track thoughts. If you have any speculations you want to share let me know on Twitter (@mslaniebrice) or in the comments on this post.

First off, Harry loves emphasizing the importance of A sides and B sides in his track lists, even in the digital age. Fine Line came with A, B, C, and D sides, so Harry's House is a bit simpler despite having an extra track compared to his last album.

Side A

"Music For a Sushi Restaurant"

This is hands down my favorite title, and regardless of what song this is, I will now be playing it in my apartment every time I get sushi take-out (which is probably too often. I adore sushi). While the title is supposedly quite explicit in telling me what's contained inside, I honestly cannot fathom what this song will be like. I've been to sushi restaurants that played Top 40 and sushi restaurants that played zen sounding instrumental music. Also, this is the opening track, so there's lots of pressure here. 

Mostly, I'm proud of Harold for expanding his palette beyond fruit, whatever that means for the rest of us.

"Late Night Talking"

Luckily, we don't have to do too much wondering for too long cause we've already heard the second track twice now. Harry takes a cue from the disco era for this upbeat track that got debuted to the Coachella crowd. He mentioned to Better Homes and Gardens that he only listened to classical music in the making of this record to really pull from his own well of inspiration, but from what we've heard so far, it seems like he's traversing through musical decades on this album, and this is his stop in the '70s. While I need the official lyrics to drop to dig deep in the themes, it seems to set the tone for the A side being upbeat, fun, and joyful, poised at the start of something new.


Never fear, fruit is here. We didn't really think Harry could have an album that didn't mention some kind of fruit, right? I'm pretty sure none of us had grape juice (apparently as one word?) on the list of options. It's such an interesting title cause it hit me as almost childlike and unassuming. I feel like juice is something that kids absolutely adore that fades more in adult life, and whether he means purple grape juice or grape juice in the sense of kid champagne or even a more innocent euphemism for wine, there's something nostalgic here to me.

"As It Was"

I am addicted to this song. Like I need serious help. I'm kind of sick of my April playlist at this point in the month, but every time this song rolls around, I want to go dance down the hallways. This song is full on '80s and just so jubilant in sound but reflective and sad in lyrics. To me, it feels like a pandemic anthem being reminded that the world has been forever changed. There's also a silver lining of love and a new phase of life. I got into all my thoughts on the song and the video before, so I won't spend too long on it now.


This title was given to us early thanks to Better Homes and Gardens who shared some lyrics from the track including, "If I was a bluebird, I would fly to you; you be the spoon, dip you in honey so I can be sticking to you." This gives "Daylight" major soft ballad energy. A devoted, sweet, blissful love song. It seems like love is a huge theme of this album and that maybe this song is about the dawn of something new and better, especially because it's lead into by "As It Was". Also, it is hilarious how Taylor is releasing a song called "Carolina" for the Where The Crawdads Sing sound track, and so Harry is taking a title back from her as well. If Harry's "Daylight" is half as achingly sweet and open as Taylor's we're in for quite the emotional moment. 

"Little Freak"

There's a lot of childlike or childhood reminiscent titles in this section. I have to wonder if this is a song in some way about not fitting in as a child or just not fitting into society as a whole. This song could throw a curveball and be totally upbeat, but I see something reflective and possibly a bit sad or wistfully regretful here. Maybe even a letter to a past self. 

This isn't the first time Harry has written a song with the word freak in it. "Complicated Freak" was a song scrapped from his debut album whose song title appeared on a work in progress board in the background of a photo a while ago, and if this song actually channels "Complicated Freak"'s energy than I have put way too innocent of a spin on this particular prediction.


If this isn't an homage to Roald Dahl's Matilda, I'll be shocked. In the scheme of building out Harry's house, books are a huge part of creating a home. Harry is a pretty voracious reader, and it would make sense to have yet another literary homage here since many of his past songs like "Woman" and "Watermelon Sugar" have included references to books, albeit, much more adult ones. Still, the story of Matilda, an extraordinary girl who overcomes horrible circumstances, is one with a lot of room to play.

Side B

B sides tend to be the home of the less upbeat, more contemplative tracks that might take closer than a thirty second look to fully understand. These song titles seem to reflect that and also show a shift towards a more grown-up world without the whimsy of the earlier titles.


The movie theater. The place we were all told to avoid like the plague during the plague. Also, another word for movies and film as a whole. Harry has certainly put on his actor pants lately appearing in everything from Marvel to My Policeman to the Barbie movie. While none of his movies besides Dunkirk have graced the screen yet, the next few years seems set to be bursting with Harry Styles movies. None of these films, though, likely have more significance than Don't Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde's movie baby and the place the famed couple met. Since many of these songs likely are about or involve Olivia, it's a fair bet that this song could be related to the way they met.


A beautiful, open ended song title. This B side feels a bit hazy and gray to me. It's not quite in the bright, jubilant colors of the A side. It feels contemplative. And "Daydreaming" could really fall anywhere. From letting your mind wander to hopes and dreams for the future to something pulling you away from the present moment, there's so much room for this song to take root.

"Keep Driving"

If "Boyfriends" doesn't end up taking the cake, I have a feeling "Keep Driving" might. Again, there's a happy interpretation of this track like driving off into the sunset with your one true love, but there's also an interpretation of a moment of love lost. When you start to go down their road and are forced to keep driving past their house; when nothing is going right, but you just have to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead. For some reason, this title immediately made me think of the 1989 album cut, and one of my personal favorite songs, "I Wish You Would".


The word satellite has been partially claimed in my mind when it comes to music by Phoebe Bridgers and her song "Chinese Satellite". I absolutely adore that song. Satellites are funny things when it comes to imagery. They're up there with the stars, they look like stars from a distance, but they aren't. You make wishes on them and then are disappointed when you realize they can't really be stars because they're actually moving. What happens to all those empty wishes aimed at massive hunks of metal floating through space?


Ahhhh "Boyfriends," I already love you so. I also love that we finally know that it's "Boyfriends" for sure and not "Boyfriend". There's been plenty of debate online about whether the song is about boyfriends as a species, Harry himself, or a boyfriend Harry had. I personally interpreted the song to be like "Falling" where Harry takes a moment on the album to tell on himself, in a way. It's a chance to admit that he's not really as perfect as the glossy magazine pages would like you to believe. Mostly, I came to this conclusion because there are similar songs on past albums and that he mentioned "secretly drinking" which is a struggle he's sung about on prior tracks. It is fascinating, though, how it's told through this removed, omniscient narrator perspective that tells on one boyfriend through the lens of all boyfriends. Maybe they really are all the same at the end of the day.

"Love of My Life"

Well, here's a declaration to end all declarations. Whether that love of his life ultimately ends up being himself and finding peace with himself or another person that he's finally found a sense of home, safety, and community with will be the big surprise at the very end of the album. Let's wait and see.

Which songs are you claiming now? Which are you most curious, excited, or nervous to hear? Let me know!! 

For the record, I'm going to claim "Keep Driving" and "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" as mine just off the vibes. 

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