Renforshort Tackles Being a Chameleon for Love on "made for you"

Renforshort has released some of the most interesting tracks of the year, and she did not disappoint with her latest release, "made for you". While "moshpit" recounts a turbulent, nauseous period of love, "made for you" takes it back to the very beginning of a relationship destined for doom. She sings about crafting a persona to make her crush fall for her.

The sense of doom is written all over this track as she opens the first verse with, "Made for you / That's the picture that I'm trying to paint / even though I know it ain't true / iiii / Just wanna get close to you." We've all had a crush that's so blatantly wrong that it's easy to see through the haze of love, but that doesn't make the desire to have the validation of their attention any less powerful. "I'll be whoever you want me to / Except for being myself," she sings, shying away from fully embracing her authentic personality.

This is one of the most honest songs about the beginnings of a toxic relationship that I've ever heard. So often, bad relationships take root in the exploitation of one partner's low self esteem, and that's what Renforshort acknowledges here. It's less vulnerable to weave yourself into your idea of the object of your affections ideal partner. Rejection of your authentic self is too scarring, and with such a poorly aligned match of personalities, it's bound to fall apart at some point. It's amazing how easy it is to ignore those signs early on. 

In the pre-chorus she explains, "I'm scared of any type of disconnection / It's my own fucked up way of showing affection." Being overly aware of the other person is often viewed as showing affection or love, but really, compromising yourself constantly for someone else just creates a further sense of turmoil. In the chorus, she outlines all the ways that she bends to become the perfect dream girl out of thin air. "You tell me what you love I'm like, me too / Say anything to get to you / I might seem like a dream come true / Cause I lie like I was made for you," she sings, admitting the fallacy of the relationship. 

The song becomes a peak behind the curtain at the manic pixie dream girl character where she discusses her own transformation to perfectly fit the love interest's narrative. But the illusion never lasts, and it only gets harder to maintain. The best line to summarize the dissonance of the song comes in the final verse as she sings, "No I don't want you to meet my friends / Cause I'll be someone completely new." The ways we can mold and shape our personalities to a moment is actually alarming when you take the time to reflect on it. That level of constant compromise perfectly feeds into the themes of "moshpit." 

Renforshort once again masterfully articulates messy, indescribable feelings. She has a true gift for blending her poetic bend with lyrics and ocean of sound production to truly bottle up feelings and hold them tight. 

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