The Harry's House and You Are Home Mysterious Journey from Start to Finish

Harry Styles is always full of mysteries. In an approach that now seems extremely old school, Harry Styles announced the dawn of the Fine Line era with mysterious black and white posters asking, 'Do You Know Who You Are?'. That was before Harry developed an addiction to creating websites. The DYKWYA website was the first iconic piece of the era where fans could enter their names to get one of the auto-generated compliments or self observations from the machine. This was such a hit that iterations of this website came to exist for the single releases of "Watermelon Sugar" and "Golden". 

But the crown jewel of his internet rabbit holes was Eroda, the mystical island that is "adore", as in his Fine Line single "Adore You", written backwards. This single promotion and very elaborate music video started with a mysterious Twitter account, much like Halsey did in her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom era. When the @visiteroda account came onto the scene, there wasn't much to tie it to Harry beyond a feeling. It lit up Twitter's trending page as fans tried to piece together whether this was Harry trying to tell us something or a random video game company as some very lost Twitter users suggested. I still have extremely vivid memories of that night and subsequent nights spent glued to my phone waiting for Eroda's latest update over the course of months. 

Some of the tells on the original Eroda website, as well as given in the quirky comments from the Twitter account, mentioned places like Cherry Street and Golden Way that further bolstered fan's confidence that Styles was pulling the puppet strings. The entire Eroda mystery spanned months and exists in far too much detail for this article. Since that was back before I started my blog, I'll direct you over to Insider who compiled some of the original clues. Also, I love the headline from this Australian travel website.

All of this is to say that Harry Styles has a long history of having a funny way of telling fans he's about to put out new music. Enter You Are Home. The account popped up in February of 2022 but became active and was discovered by fans only a couple of days ago in the middle of March. When the account came onto my radar, it had around 50,000 followers, and it's now sitting at around 118,000. It is not rare that fans go into a flurry over accounts that could be Harry. There have been multiple TikTok and Instagram accounts over the years, and even more in recent months, (anyone remember @hscox94?) that people have suggested are Harry's secret internet outposts. But this is one felt too much like Eroda to pass up.

The Twitter account is following no one, like the Eroda account prior to the big reveal. One day ago at 1:00pm PST, You Are Home tweeted out "you are home" which caused quite the flurry as fans flocked to the links in the bio that go to both the website as well as a Discord forum. The website first lead to a closed door. Then, this morning at 9:00am, the account announced, "the door is open, come on in". While the door opens, it doesn't open all that much and just reveals a couple green stalks with some leaves that remind me of pieces of celery. A fan did match the plants behind the door to a Penguin Classics cover of a Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature and Selected Essays, which could possibly be a clue with how into reading Harry has become. 

But more directly relating to Harry is the Discord. For one, when you sign up, there is a long litany of rules that wouldn't be posted by a fan trolling or even a company that accidentally stumbled into the Harry Styles fandom on their promo adventure. The items feel too pointed at the fandom and past pitfalls. The rules specifically mention that fans are not to impersonate any of the staff members or bots or they would be removed from the group. This would make sense given the havoc of impersonating and branching Eroda accounts that came to be back in 2019. There is also very specific language around sharing any kind of personal information. It reads like a set of guidelines curated by a large corporation, like a record label, looking to minimize the liabilities of hosting untamable online communities. 

The biggest tell, though, is that you can assign yourself a role either as a Door, a Lamp, or a Vase. Currently, you can switch between these roles to access all the chats. These seem extremely random, but he did drop a hint with the on-sale of the European 2022-2023 dates by calling the 3 pits for that tour the Kitchen, Bedroom, and Hallway. These seem like they could correspond to the house accessories, of sorts, that are in the Discord. Cherry and Watermelon pits, used for the US tour, were pulled directly from song titles pointing to a significance in his naming choices.

Beyond that, in early March, there was a casting call allegedly for a Harry Styles music video called "Duvet" floating around the internet. Paired with the photos of Harry perched on a massive bed filming something in the UK, it seems like the pieces are clicking into place, and they all tie back to home decor. 

Those looking to capitalize on the confusion for attention have already started. There's now a rumor that a release for the single is set for March 25th because a user named "thediningtable" posted the date in the Door chat. They seemed legitimate because they had the logo of You Are Home, but given that their original posts are nowhere to be found, this was likely someone trying to get a rise out of the forum.

There are sure to be many more false starts along the way, if this whole thing isn't actually a major misunderstanding, but the fandom has wound around this far too tightly with no pushback from You Are Home for it to be completely unrelated. The biggest thing that trips me up, though, is that the graphic design work in the You Are Home Twitter banner is just so... bad. It doesn't have the clean, chic, simple design that feels hallmark to every Harry Styles venture from the posters to Eroda to Pleasing. Only time will tell, but of course, I'll keep this page up to date with time stamped new events as they unfold. Maybe Duexmoi is right that there will be two videos that role out in April or May. Let's wait and see. 

Also, if you love fan theories and forums, this Discord is a super fun place to theorize and connect with new fans and would be especially great if you've decided Twitter isn't your thing. 

3/20/2022- There's a new tweet from @youarehome and something new behind the door. It reads, "what happens in between colours?" Which is interesting to note that the British spelling used here. If you visit the website now, the door now shows a rainbow of colors instead of the leaves. Many have pointed out the similarities between the blue, purple, and pink of what's behind the door and the bi flag. Another user noted that this could be a nod towards another book, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami, which has a similar color gradient on the spine. This isn't as obvious a match as the Ralph Waldo Emerson book from yesterday, but given that Harry has talked about Murakami on a number of occasions, this feels plausible. 

3/21/2022 9:00AM: You Are Home is back with an update on their new morning schedule. This time, they've tweeted something that looks like it could be a lyric. "in this world, it's just us, you know it's not the same as it was," which could either be a clue or a tell that it really is someone messing with all of us. Predictably, the new image behind the door is of a photo of the Earth from space.       3/22/2022 9:00am- Like clockwork, we get another tweet: "what are you doing here?" which is a great question. What are we doing here? This came with a new world behind the door. This one is a photo of a puzzle with tons of fungi on it. This seems like maybe a hint towards the Shroom Bloom Pleasing drop most recently. The puzzle is a real one available on Barnes and Noble, but it doesn't seem to point directly to a book. Someone also posted a screenshot of Harry Lambert's story of him posing in front of a similar looking framed photo of mushrooms.  

It's official! Harry Styles and HSHQ have officially followed the You Are Home account, and it has become verified on Twitter. It is now officially a part of the Harry Styles canon! Also, there are plenty of rumors swirling and leaks from Target making May 20th look like a pretty good day for HS3. Stay tuned for more updates on the album rollout!

3/23/2022- 9:00am- It's even more official now! At the usual 9am time, Harry tweeted out, "Harry's House. May 20th." with an accompanying photo of the album art. It shows Harry in flared jeans and a babydoll top standing in an upside down room where the couch is on the ceiling and the chandelier is standing up from the floor. 
It's surprising to get a full album announcement so soon after the mystery started as the 2019 roll out for Fine Line included months of teasing for each step in the process, but Harry tends to run on shorter timelines. The Do You Know Who You Are campaign started in October and the album came out mid-December, so this is a similar timeline as before, there was just less build-up it feels like. 
It's also interesting that he's announced the entire album before there's even been a single and that Harry's House didn't come with an accompanying single announcement for "Duvet" or another track. It makes me wonder if the Target leak from a few days ago, which ended up being true, spurred a premature announcement of the album to try to stay ahead of the leak. It seems his team did know about it circulating because the day after the leak the title and artist were changed to TBA in the system. 
Regardless, I'm super excited to finally have a name, release date, and cover to pair with the HS3 era, and Europe and Coachella will get to experience it live for the first time. 3/24/2022- 9:00am Today's mysterious tweet is "pearls of pleasure". The peak behind the door was unrelated to the Twitter clue (it seems) that day because behind the door was the album cover reveal photo. 

3/25/2022 9:00am- This Tweet feels like a lyric, but I have no clue how it will fit into a song. Or maybe Harry just felt like giving a piece of advice, "whisper to your houseplants/sing to your neighbors". Of course, behind the door had nothing to do with houseplants or neighbors. Instead we have... bunches of green grapes. 

3/26/2022 9:00am- Today's update feels like a reference or extension to "Golden" from the last album because today's Tweet reads, "summon the sun" and to go with it, we have a lamp. One of those strange, modern floor lamps or sconces. This behind the door reveal actually makes sense in that confusing, Harry Styles kind of way. There's a pit on the European tour named after lamps, and because it's part of the home decor world, it fits with the theme of Harry's house. 

3/27/2022 9:00am- This piece of wisdom is definitely my favorite so far. Today, You Are Home tells us "shed the past/wear the present" which, again, sounds more like poetry than lyrics but is good advice and fits with Harry's brand that is so fashion centered. It reminds me, almost of the Bukowski quote that Harry's used to start the Fine Line shows. As for the door, it looks like part of a concept photoshoot where Harry is being obscured. Or maybe it's some strange collage. Someone online suggested that it could be a duvet, but it seems a little too chaotic for that.  

3/28/2022 9:00am- To discuss You Are Home first would be burying the lead. This morning, Harry finally announced that the first single is coming this week and is called "As It Was." HSHQ came in to clarify that it's coming out at midnight UK time for everyone, so if you're on the west coast like me, it'll drop for you at 4pm on Thursday. 
As for today's clues, You Are Home tweeted, "find a moment of calm/colour it in," which I really like. Taking charge of moments and defining them as your own. Being the chaos yourself. It also could potentially tie back to one of the early You Are Home tweets that said, "what happens in between colours?" It seems that will be an emerging theme for the album. Of course, today's image is a black and white one. The door revealed swatches of black swirls on white paper that almost look like leaves or lily pads. 

3/29/2022 9:00am- Today's door and tweet actually match! They don't make a ton of sense, but they do match. "I think/you should/draw/big/flowers," it reads. I guess it's the most direct statement that they've given, but it still doesn't make sense in the context of learning things about the album. Then, behind the door, it looks like there's a sketch of a red and orange daisy-like flower obscured by the door. 
Also, I did want to make a note that over the last few days, fans have unearthed a series of coordinates from the website's coding. These areas are where posters advertising the album have shown up (though many of them have been stolen at this point). @swifttokdetective on TikTok also made a list of all of the coordinate destinations and has found that all but two of the locations are close to restaurants, hotels, bars, etc that are named after a Harry. This doesn't seem coincidental but also these Harry's outposts seem like they don't have much to do with Harry Styles.

3/30/2022 9:00am- The tweet from You Are Home today is definitely my favorite. The adage is deeply true and very contemplative. "every place you've ever been will never stay the same and neither will you," it reads which feels like a musing on the idea of home. It's something I've really experienced in this last year after moving away from home. When you go back to the place you've called home, it looks totally different and feels totally different, and it makes you feel like you absolutely don't belong anywhere both because the place has changed and also because you have. I have no comments on the white circle behind the door because I don't get what we're supposed to get from that at all unless it is in fact back to the book cover trend.
Also, the promotion is ramping but with Harry putting out a teaser for "As It Was". The ten second clip shows Harry rotating on a tun table in the same red sequin outfit from the Instagram teaser posts. He's sitting with his arm propped up on his knee as opening beats that sound reminiscent of those early '70s beats. It seems that this song will be a fun one. 

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