Sofia Carson Talks New Single LOUD, Movie Purple Hearts, and How She Balances It All

Last week, I was lucky enough to work with 1824 to join a Zoom conference with Sofia Carson and tons of other lovely bloggers and writers to hear about Sofia's current projects ranging from her new single, "LOUD," and her upcoming movie Purple Hearts. Even if you think you don't know how Sofia is, you've probably seen her at least once in her previous acting roles ranging from the Pretty Little Liars spinoff to defining a Disney Channel generation playing Evie on Descendants. In the years since, she's taken the mic to share her music with the world, collaborated with brands like Revlon, and partnered with organizations like UNICEF and the Latin Grammys. While I slightly missed the Descendants days so I'm just now getting to know Sofia's career better, I was immediately won over by how kind, warm, and incredibly well-spoken Sofia is. She has most definitely found a new fan in me, and maybe you'll feel the same. Here's a small part of what I learned during this wonderful conversation. 

Sofia's career has spanned a number of avenues, but she first got her start in the acting world. While many amazing artists started as actors (especially in the Disney Channel family), it can be a hard bridge to cross. But Sofia has luckily found the evolution to be quite natural. She explains, "The roles that I play, like the songs that I write or the music that I sing are a reflection of who I am in my heart." 

Though she embodies fictional characters, she makes a point to say how much she admires each of the women she plays and lends parts of herself to. She elaborates on this by citing a promise she made to herself at the start of her career adding, "I would never lend my voice or my body to something I don't believe in, whether that was a song or a film... In every role that I've played, my heart lies in every single one of them." With moving into the storytelling side with her new movie, Purple Hearts, in developing the role as a writer and executive producer has only intensified this emotionally honest through-line. 

Sofia's latest release is her brand new single and music video, "LOUD," which is an empowerment anthem. The video sees Sofia blossoming into a butterfly as she escapes from the glass boxes that are holding her back. She powerfully asserts that she's done existing quietly in the corner. To go with this mission, many of Sofia's charitable initiatives have rested on elevating the voices of young girls and women. While Sofia mentions many of the ways she is loud in her day to day life, she most profoundly states, "Amplifying the voice of one girl in one corner of the world to lift her up in any way I possibly can is the honor of my career and life because I truly mean that to give is to be loud." 

As for how the song came about, Sofia describes its formulation during a Zoom session in the thick of the COVID pandemic. She calls the final product a "beautiful marriage of who I am as a person and an artist." 

As for how the fans have taken to the new track, Sofia says the response has been "overwhelmingly beyond anything I could've ever imagined." Having been very online and present with her fans throughout the release, she's been soaking up how they've created a movement across Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram inspired by the song to discuss how they were able to go from being silenced to owning their entire selves to live their lives loud. At one point, she described her phone as "exploding with joy." Her love for her fanbase is palpable as she remembers her favorite parts of their responses. 

Outside of music, she's been hard at work on her new film, Purple Hearts. While the film is expected this year, it's been in the works for a long time. She's been helping cultivate the film as an executive producer for the last five years after being approached for it during her time with Pretty Little Liars. She's had the chance to truly develop the character and learn the nuances of her new role over this time. Sofia even got the chance to go even deeper as she worked on writing music for the film with all around pop superstar songwriter Justin Tranter. She fondly calls the process a "journey of a lifetime," as she's preparing to watch the first cut of the film soon. 

She also briefly touched on her brand collaboration with Revlon as she takes a turn as the face of the beauty brand and collaborates on some of their new releases. Beyond being excited to join the ranks of iconic past Revlon girls like Audrey Hepburn, Sofia values Revlon's emphasis on inner beauty first and foremost.

So you might be wondering how Sofia has enough time in the day to juggle all of these commitments and still be a creative. I definitely was. As someone who also has a lot on her plate, I asked my question both in curiosity and hoping for a few tips I could bring into my own creative and work lives.  Sofia describes the division of her work life by saying, "My work and my career does requires me to wear the hat of both a business woman who's making career decisions on a daily basis while also being a creative." She talks about creating a division by keeping her phone on airplane mode or turned off when she's in the studio, and she similarly leaves her phone behind in her trailer while filming and tries not to look at it too much in her off time to stay completely focused on her role. "I find that it's the only way that I can completely immerse myself into a character, and when I'm filming, that is of most importance to me," she says.

As for the rest of 2022? Sofia is looking forward to sharing more of her musical world with fans, releasing Purple Hearts, and continuing her ambassador role with UNICEF and her scholarship fund with the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation. If you'd like to keep up with Sofia, you can find her on Twitter (where she has recently been quite active) and Instagram. 

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