Must See Music Videos: "Reckless Driving" by Lizzy McAlpine and "You're So Fucking Pretty" by The Regrettes

Over the last few days, there have been some wonderful new music video releases for songs that I've absolutely loved. Here's my reviews of "Reckless Driving" by Lizzy McAlpine and "You're So Fucking Pretty" by The Regrettes.

Reckless Driving

Lizzy McAlpine doesn't make music videos, she makes mini movies. She's as incredible with the visual aspects of music as she is with her songwriting. I'm super excited that all of these music videos are set to combine into a short film for her quickly approaching April album, Five Second Flat. "Reckless Driving" is an absolutely fantastic track and was my song reaction for this week on my YouTube channel, so check that out if you haven't yet!

In "Reckless Driving," we see Lizzy and her same love-interest co-star as her prior music video for "All My Ghosts" embarking on a long drive. At this point, the fizzling, promising first love from the "All My Ghosts" video has faded, and this video opens with an argument on an abandoned dirt road. As Lizzy gets out of the Jeep to go talk it out with him, he stoically looks over the rolling fields and ignores her. Throughout Lizzy's verse and chorus, they're at a stalemate in their relationship. 

Then, when Ben Kessler's verse comes in, the video switches tone to show us slices of the relationship at its best, when they were falling in love for the first time. Ben's lyrics have so much more bright optimism, and the song and video wipe away all of Lizzy's reservations in a second. They're cracking up in the car, kissing in the wilderness, and chasing each other through corn fields radiating joy. But as the chorus kicks in, the video fades back to the bleak reality as you see the blank, lost look on Lizzy's face as she stares out the window intercut with scenes of them in a kitchen, unable to really communicate. She feels isolated, and he keeps staring over at her without reaching out to help. 

It's in this section that she starts getting bad flashes again. As they're sitting on the couch together, she looks over and sees flashes of him painted in creepy, skeletal make-up which seems to represent her gut feeling that the relationship is becoming dangerous. 

When the bridge kicks in, we see Lizzy's hair waving in the wind as she sticks her head out of the Jeep, but this brief moment of sun filled bliss bleeds into the true deterioration. She sees more flashes of his skeleton face as the tension in the car escalates and they break into a full on fight in the parking lot. In these flashes at the end, we see small parts of scenes from "All My Ghosts." At one point, he tosses his beer bottle against an empty parking space out of anger as Lizzy finally pushes back. In the final scene, Lizzy's face fills with panic as a figure comes into the view of the headlights. Right before it cuts to black, we see it's the skeleton man.

I'm very intrigued to see where the next episode of this whirlwind movie will go. 

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You're So Fucking Pretty

While "You're So Fucking Pretty" came out back in January, the song didn't receive a music video until February 24th. I'm happy it did, though, because this aching, amazing ballad is one of the strongest songs from The Regrettes, and hopefully this video will resurface the song and even introduce it to a new audience. If you want more of my thoughts on the song itself, make sure you read my review and my concert memory from their November show where I heard the song live. 

The music video falls into the camp of aesthetic over story. There is an arc here, but it comes in imagistic subtlety. The art of the solo music video has really been perfected by many artists over the quarantine period, and it's used quiet effectively here as Lydia is the sole star of this video. It's most closely reminiscent of Conan Gray's understated yet moving DIY video for "Heather." 

Lydia appears in a baggy T-shirt, underwear, and electric blue socks in a vintage glam decorated living room. She traverses through many spots in this ornately retro house showing off the pink tiled kitchen and bathroom as she navigates through her anguish. The intricate, unique decor of the house really becomes a second character more than just a backdrop. 

The video opens an interesting dialogue on femininity and its intersection with the lyrics about Lydia falling for a girl a long time ago and losing her to her own uncertainty. While there are plenty of close zoomed moments of her lip-syncing to the camera with pained expressions, there are also scenes of her rolling around pink, satin sheets with a fluffy, tulle dress, playing with dainty cakes and petit fours, and striking a few delicate dance poses as she travels through the space. She seems to be trying to navigate where she belongs in relation to these things as they stand in for this complicated relationship. 

By the end, she falls into a state of despair and defeat as she lays despondently across the checkerboard kitchen floor. She grabs a red velvet cake and carries it around before smashing it on the floor. She tosses the bouquet of flours in the sink and then pours milk from a plastic jug over them. Even as she aims to destroy the pretty things, there's a distinct lack of violence to the actions that match the quiet defeat of the song itself. 

What keeps the video interesting is the careful stitching of so many scenes together to influence the emotional journey of the video similarly to Billie Eilish's latest video for "Male Fantasy." The dynamic cuts bring an energy to this gentle, coursing video. 

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