Dove Cameron's Song "Boyfriend" Makes a Compelling Case

I will admit that I am late to this incredible new track from Dove Cameron that came out last Tuesday. Despite following Dove casually, this release didn't come on to my radar till I got this chorus as a sound on TikTok a dozen times over the weekend. The slinky chorus immediately captured my attention, and I went to Spotify to hear the rest of it. All 2:33 of "Boyfriend" hold up, delivering a sapphic, James Bond feeling song that's incredibly alluring. 
When checking the writing credits, I suspected that I might find one of my favorite writers behind the track, and my hunch was rewarded when Delacey's name popped up first. Delacey has an incredible artist project called Black Coffee with breakout track "Subway Song" and other singles that I've covered on the blog before. She also has a dazzling resume of past hits including "Without Me" by Halsey and "Birthday" by Anne Marie. Additionally, Dove herself, Evan Blaire, and Skylar Stonestreet also wrote on the song. 
The song tells a well drawn narrative of walking into a party and stumbling into a moment alone with the love interest. Over slinky, jazzy tones, Dove sings, "What are the chances? Everyone's dancing / And he's not with you / The universe must have divined this / What am I gonna do? Not grab your wrist?"
Then the song explodes into the butter-smooth chorus that's all over my TikTok fyp. Dove offers a sales pitch as to why this girl should go home with her instead of her boyfriend. In this fresh feeling chorus, Dove doesn't frame herself as a possible girlfriend but a "better boyfriend". There's an inherent sense of power and self assurance that radiates through this chorus. "I could be a better boyfriend than him / I could do the shit that he never did / Thinking I'm gonna steal you from him / I could be such a gentleman," she sings. Then, as the deal closer, she throws in a final excellent point as a wink, "Plus all my clothes would fit."
In verse 2, she offers a bit of self-serving advice, "I would leave with me tonight." This song is 10/10 for confidence. In the bridge, Dove notes she wouldn't have left the love interest alone to stare at her phone or get taken home by someone else. This quintessential "You Belong With Me" song has a dangerous edge to it and a slick vibe that gives you a decent confidence that Dove wins over the object of her affection that night. 
It's incredibly cool to see Dove embracing her bisexuality so explicitly in her music after coming out casually on an Instagram live in 2020 and talked about it in the press more publicly in 2021. This is an excellent song, and it feels like a bold, new, and exciting spin on a classic story for this new world of pop. While I haven't been totally sure about where Dove's voice fits into this new generation of pop girls, "Boyfriend" sees her finding a unique storytelling POV, collaborating with top notch writers, and making a case for her inclusion in this new, rising class alongside artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo.
Also, as a total aside, after growing up with Miley and Selena shaping my concept of a pop star from my Disney days, it's cool to see this second generation of Disney girls from the tail end of my Disney phase being able to define their music careers on their own terms.  

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