A Valentine's Playlist For All of You Valentines (and the Anti-Valentines)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! While I'm not doing much to celebrate today (maybe I'll make a heart shaped cake... hmmm), my Instagram feed is full of people celebrating their significant others. It made me realize that this day makes the perfect excuse to curate themed playlists, which is one of my favorite activities. And while I set off to make a playlist full of love songs for the occasion, I realized that sometimes Valentine's Day doesn't make you feel love but rather heartbreak or anger or sadness. It's quite the layered holiday. So I decided to curate two playlists for today so you can choose your own adventure: Sweet and Sour. 

For Sweet, I've aimed to curate a playlist that takes you on a narrative journey from the first sparks of love to the feelings of euphoria and even nostalgia and then into the more settled, devoted moments of love before offering a few glittery songs to top it off and finishing with a sigh of security with the song I consider the very best love song ever written. As for Sour, we're starting off with longing before progressing into irony and anger and then dipping into pure heartbreak before remembering the importance of taking the time to care for ourselves over letting someone else rule your life. 

Whether you're here for Valentine's Day or International Crush Culture Day, I have the perfect soundtrack for you. 


Whether you're in a longterm relationship today, celebrating a first Valentine's with someone new, or are just in a mood to feel wrapped up in love today, here's my love themed playlist with songs that cover first clicking with someone, evolving into deep love and nostalgia, the euphoria of feeling secure with someone, and the songs that remind you of how it finally feels safe to fall...

Claudia- Finneas

Deep- Julia Michaels 

Slow Hands- Niall Horan

Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

Nineteen- Dylan

The Louvre- Lorde

High School- Alexander 23

The Man With the Axe- Lorde

Feels Like- Gracie Abrams

Till Forever Falls Apart- Ashe and Finneas

More of You- JP Saxe

Gorgeous- Taylor Swift

Golden- Harry Styles

Finally Beautiful Stranger- Halsey


For those of you who would rather rage or cry today than be surrounded by lovey-doveyness, then I also have the playlist for you. I think it says something about where I'm at right now that this playlist basically wrote itself, and I had to edit to down whereas the Sweet one took a while to curate. This playlist goes through sadness, anger, apathy, and ends with a note of self love before officially closing with the one and only anti-Valentine's Day song and vide, "Crush Culture" by Conan Gray.

People Watching- Conan Gray

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart- Ariana Grande

Moral of the Story- Ashe

Happier Than Ever- Billie Eilish

You Should Be Sad- Halsey

HONEST- Jeremy Zucker

Bitter- Fletcher

You & Jennifer- Bulow

Jigsaw- Conan Gray

drunk text me- Lexi Jayde

Liability- Lorde

Babe- Taylor Swift

Drivers License- Olivia Rodrigo

Take Care of Yourself- Maisie Peters 

Crush Culture- Conan Gray

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