Lizzy McAlpine Drops New Single and Music Video "Erase Me" ft. Jacob Collier

Yesterday, Lizzy McAlpine released her brand new single, "Erase Me" (and took the stage with Finneas as a guest on the New York stop of his Optimist Tour). This morning, she released the music video to accompany the song. Taking on the messy confusion of trying to move on from a relationship, Lizzy adds her own filter to the age old problem. 

I'd heard Lizzy McAlpine's name floating around for a couple month before I finally decided I'd heard about her in too many different places not to listen. Actually, what finally pushed me to type her name into Apple Music was seeing a video she'd filmed with Alexander 23 breaking down his song "Cry Over Boys" in which she asked some really thoughtful questions.  

Once I actually started listening, I realized that I'd actually been familiar with Lizzy's music far longer than I'd previously thought. I'd had her track "Pancakes for Dinner" on a couple different playlists from last year and never connected the dots when I heard her name mentioned as tends to happen with artists I first discover through random Spotify playlists (and ironically the first way I heard about Alexander 23). In the time since, I've added "Over-The-Ocean Call (Andrew)," "I Knew," and "Means Something" to my current brain dump of a playlist

On "Erase Me," Lizzy continues her signature style of blending together elements from a number of genres against her backbone of singer-songwriter sensibility. There's quiet, reflective moments of voice and guitar, a rising, anguish filled peak with drums and interesting electronic components, and truly soaring vocal moments. The beginning of the song remind me of Gracie Abrams's quiet, reflective, understated qualities while the end of the song explodes with the power and emotional attack of Billie Eilish or Olivia Rodrigo with beautiful harmonies laced throughout. The ever changing dynamics of the production keep the song interesting and fluid through its entire 3:34 run time. 

Her lyrics walk the perfect line of relatability and poetry. In the first verse, she describes waking up from a night out next to someone she just met, questioning all of her choices that got her to that point. "I don't know his name, but I still taste the rum / Nothing there but skin / Skeletons crawl on the ceiling, they know / That him and his aftershave hit like a drug," she describes. It's possibly the most eloquent description of a drunken, empty hook up I've ever heard. The skeletons line is such an interesting flip of the skeletons in the closet cliche to show how exposed all of her problems feel in that moment. 

In the chorus, she offers some insight into how she ended up in this empty situation in the first place. All in the name of forgetting. "Don't answer me, I'm just callin' to hear you scream," she starts the chorus, "And you're fadin', but he feels like you in between." This switch of perspective of who the listener is immediately grabs your attention. At the end of the chorus, she muses about how she's using this guy to try to get her past love to fade, so he is presumably doing the same thing somewhere else to forget her. "I wonder who will erase me," she muses, which takes the premise of the song to a new, larger place. In this chorus, she's joined by an assist from Jacob Collier who is featured on the song in the same way Maren Morris features of "You All Over Me" on Fearless TV. 

The video gives light to the lyrics as it stitches together the party full of flashing lights and plastic cups. We see the story with this new boy unfold throughout the night. In one of the most interesting scenes, the camera waits between two bedroom doors, and we see Lizzy leave the bed with the boy from the party to enter the other room with the other boy she can't get out of her mind. In the first room, she's distant from the other person sleeping there, but when she gets in the second bed, he immediately pulls her in close, representing the polar opposite relationship dynamics and her pure confusion in the lyrics. 

I absolutely loved this newest release, and I'm excited to see what kind of project it's building to. 

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