Sody Goes in a Brand New Direction: "Bitch (I Said It)" Review


When I first heard there was going to be new Sody music, I got super excited because I've loved her sad cry ballads and too real jabs at my heart for a while now. I even got to go to a small zoom concert she hosted a while back. Needless to say, I braced myself for a piano driven emotional obliteration before pressing play. What I got instead was a spacey beat and a sharp, confident tone that had my head bobbing back and forth. "Bitch (I Said It)" is all the more spectacular for coming so far out of left field from the usually ballad driven singer. 

Sody takes the same lyrical principles that make her prior singles so gut-wrenching and applies them to this confrontational, sad bop to create the same satisfying emotional release channeled into anger instead of tears. This record is just as emotionally complex and compelling as her earlier work while also delivering on a totally danceable track that's had me grooving in my chair the entire time I've tried to write this piece. 

There's a new, slinky quality to Sody's voice in the verses that reminds me of some of Selena Gomez's biggest radio hits. In the first verse, she tells the story of coming out of a toxic relationship spiral. She tries calling to apologize for something that wasn't her fault to begin with so she can make up with the love interest, but when they don't pick up the phone, it changes her trajectory, and Sody realizes that she doesn't actually need to be apologizing at all. Instead, all those pent up emotions get channeled into a rage text breaking things off. I absolutely loved the witty stab of the line, "I tried to call you today/To apologize for your mistakes". 

The chorus has an effervescent lift to it, and it's absolutely infectious. I was able to sing along after only a couple listens, and she doesn't let the story slack for the sake of the catchiness either. She hints that she might regret the rage texting a tiny bit, but she doesn't want to take it back because she is truly sick of their pathetic, infuriating patterns. She's glad she can finally be the person to put them in their place. Even in all this anger, there are traces of sadness that the relationship didn't work out, but those can't linger too long when she's being honest about reality. "And I wish I could change you but/I fucking hate you," she sings in the hook. I think everyone has fallen into at least one relationship that ends with you so desperately wishing that the other person could be better than they were. It's completely devastating when you realize that maybe your imagination filled in some gaps to make them more compelling than they truly were. 

In the second verse, she admits it still hurts hearing their name out in public, but at the same time, calls them "a waste of space in my brain". She perfectly captures the back and forth tug of war your mind plays at the end of a relationship. Doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing. Which is why we have angry bops like this one to get us through. As much as I love devastating ballads, there will always be a big place in my heart for a well crafted upbeat sad song, and "Bitch (I Said It)" perfectly ticks those boxes. 

I love the song itself, but it also makes me incredibly excited for the new possible era of Sody's music that this new single makes space for. This song cements that even though Sody had firmly cemented herself in the singer-songwriter category, she can also excel in the current, super exciting rise of British pop girls coming up at the moment like Dylan and Baby Queen

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