Step Into Olivia Rodrigo's Closet on Depop & When You'll Get the Next Chance to Shop

Olivia Rodrigo's promotion's team has gone above and beyond for SOUR's release. She's sung on all the major late night shows an award shows lately, she has her own line of purple Sour Patch Kids available in limited speciality stores, her merch could be an entire clothing line, and they partnered with Spotify to put together an LA car wash in celebration of the album release. Now, they've turned to something a little more conventional yet still unexpected. 

Many celebrities have turned to Depop to sell items from their ever expanding closets and mountains of PR packages to their fans because, as Us Weekly would say, "Stars, they're just like us!" Now Olivia, an already vocal fan of both Depop and buying secondhand like most of her Gen Z peers, is jumping on the trend by launching the SOURShop. This is the official stop for all the clothes that you've been eyeing in her music videos and even from Olivia's personal closet. While oliviarodrigoclosest account on Instagram does an amazing job of finding the outfits Olivia wears or close matches, the main appeal for fans is probably geared more towards owning a piece of SOUR's history more than scoring a cute new sweater. 

This launch was unexpected and a bit of a stumble from her team originally. It was announced the evening before launch without any indication of when the items would be posted. They went live in the late afternoon with no warning, and of course, the pieces sold out within the first minutes of being uploaded. I wasn't sure what to expect from the SOUR Depop drop or whether they'd make fans pay a premium for clothes that Olivia actually wore. It was a pleasant surprise that any serious price gouging was nowhere to be found and all the proceeds are going to charity.

On the website, she uploaded a variety of different items, not just super size specific clothes, which I thought was really lovely and inclusive of all fans. Among those items were a toiletry kit, hair clips, a candle from the "good 4 u" set, a journal and a boa from the "deja vu" video, a strangely shaped keychain, and a pair of sunglasses. All of these items were fairly priced (even more so than some Depop shops I've come across). She sold the sunglasses from the video for $15 and a pair of TUK Creeper shoes that retail for around $100 for $35. Her high top Converse were also half off the original list price, selling for $30, making shopping Olivia's closet an even more affordable choice than buying new. No celebrity premium applied. She sold a handful of shoes from different videos, a pair of jeans and a tank top from "deja vu" and a couple shirts from her own closet. Each item even had the customary Depop disclaimer "We do our best to mention any imperfections in our product description~ please note this product is pre-loved". 

Don't despair, though, if you missed the first drop (though you probably still can given how fast this round sold out), she is coming back with a second round on June 8th (Tuesday). "Items from my personal wardrobe, to yours" is the message that adorns the coming soon post. And many of the items she listed today are still available online like the Levi's jeans (which are currently a reduced price at Urban Outfitters). Many of the items listed today weren't designer or one of a kind in any sense, so you can likely find it on another Depop store as well if you want to buy secondhand (there's an exact match on the jeans, size and all, for even cheaper). 

I know it's a long shot, but I will be checking back in with the shop because I absolutely love Olivia's sense of style. Even if I can't pick up any of the items, I'm curious to get the official word on the brands and designs Olivia wears. 

While obviously a full scale production, Olivia does still manage to foster a sense of personal connection through the shop, giving half a second of impression that she's a normal 18 year old girl just trying to clean out her closet, from the way she writes her captions. I think it's a really smart way to continue cultivating Olivia's personal brand and relationship with her fans, even away from the singular project of the moment. I also see anything that promotes circular fashion and shopping secondhand as a win!

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