Ranking Every One Direction Music Video Ever Made

Today's post matches with my new YouTube video out at 10:15 AM MST. Since I couldn't fit all of One Direction's music videos in one video, I decided to add the rest of the rankings in a blog post for anyone who's curious. If you want to watch the video right away, check out the link here or the embedded video at the bottom of the post. 

16. Little Things 

I think it's inevitable that "Little Things" wound up at the bottom of the list. As much as my mom likes the Ed Sheeran penned song, even she had to admit that there was something to be desired in this black and white studio video. While none of us could decide what the concept should've been, we all wanted more. 

15. Gotta Be You

My dad liked that their styles start emerging in their second video, and there are points to be awarded for that. Otherwise, this video is moody and captures the dark, British countryside. There's a bonfire, and in this video, unlike "What Makes You Beautiful", they all end up with video girls at the end. There's still an awkward vibe hanging in the air, but it's a cute video overall. 

14. What Makes You Beautiful

Maybe I have a soft spot for this one just because it was the first. But beyond it being the song that catapulted them to international recognition, a fun day at the beach can never be too boring. The funny thing about this video is that if feels like they haven't all quite come into their own. It's awkward and better in retrospect, but it's still one that I'm not against rewatching. 

13. Steal My Girl

I don't like this video. At all. There are parts that are cringey and parts that border on just appropriating. Also, the video makes no sense. Why are they in the desert, why Danny DeVito, why is Liam leading a marching band? Basically the only part I liked was Harry and the ballerinas. In the FOUR era, they should've been better than this. 

12. One Thing

This is a cute video where the boys are taken through London on a big, red bus. They hang out with fans and go to major landmarks. Since I love London, it's a fun video. I also appreciated how they incorporated the fans, and it shows how big they were, even at the very beginning. Also, the cell phones look so old! It's amazing how far technology has come in under a decade. 

11. You And I 

This video originally made the top 10, but I realized that I had no interest in watching it again like some of the others. I find it extremely creepy how they morph into each other by turning their heads on spinning around. They're so fun as a group of individuals that turning them into one person doesn't make much sense. It also just looks cold and miserable. The song is so sweet. I wish they'd come up with a better video. 

Now, if you really want to see the good stuff, check out my latest YouTube video, Top 10 One Direction Music Videos! See where your favorite lands on the list. If you'd rather watch the video directly on YouTube instead of through the player, click the link here

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