Music News For The Week 10/19/20: Golden Video Coming?


I've been considering adding a weekly, regular updated blog post for the week for a while, but I haven't actually taken the time to do it. There are always new hints, clues, and teases about what's to come with new projects and artists as well as livestreams and late night performances. I've never known how to cover them on here because they're always small pieces that add up to something big, but they never seem substantial enough to garner their own article. The last time I made something along these lines was when Halsey started dropping clues about the Badlands 5th Anniversary Album. Adding to that post daily was the most fun I've had in a while, and I want to something like that each week, combining clues from a variety of artists and charting the little pieces that become something big to look back on later. I feel like this suits my weird affinity for nostalgia well, and it'd be nice to look back and know exactly how these major music moments unfolded after memories get fuzzy. 

10/25: Getting caught up, Yungblud has put out a tour for Europe while also announcing he's been forced to delay his album release to December 4th due to vinyl manufacturing issues. This is probably a result of Billboard's latest rule change which you can read more about here

Also, today, HSHQ released trailers for "Golden" which is dropping sometime tomorrow (10/26). They still haven't given a time which has lead to WHAT TIME trending on Twitter. They still have not provided an update on that, but you can watch the trailer below.

10/22: 12:52PM: About thirty minutes ago, Yungblud tweeted out about a big announcement. Actually, a "BIG BIG BIG BIG MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW 9am (BST)  (this is 4AM EST/1AM PST)

Black heart
Safety pin
Black heart

10/22: 11:20AM This was discovered about an hour ago and is circulating twitter now, but it seems like Harry is keeping up his trend of dropping websites as clues in the lead up to the video. Head over to to get the full experience. The website is copyrighted to Sony Music (the parents company Harry's label is under) so it is indeed legit. The header says GOLDEN in big, bold letters and there are two postcard options for you to customize. In the top, right hand corner there's a postal stamp that says Italy further connecting it to the filming clips we saw. Clicking "customize" gives you the option to add a name and a note and download it. The preset side has a handwriting style font that says "You're so golden. Love- H PS TPWK". I'm guessing the video will drop tonight, though they might drag it into tomorrow morning and drop a few more clues first. I'll add the postcard I made for myself in here too. 

10/22: 9:06AM: What To Expect Today: There are two music videos dropping today. The first is for the Halsey x MGK collab on "Forget Me Too" which is out at 9:00AM PST (here's the premier link). After that, Finneas is releasing a video for his new song "Can't Wait to Be Dead" at 12PM PST, but make sure you show up to the premier spot 20 minutes early to watch Finneas play a couple songs live (check out the premier page here). Beyond music videos, tonight's midnight release is Ariana Grande's new single "Positions" which is the lead single from her brand new album (dropping next week). Also, Lauv and Conan Gray will be performing "Fake" (again) on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight at 11:30 EST/10:30 CST.

10/21 Wrap Up: Julia Michaels released her music video (I'll add it below), Finneas released his song (and announced the music video is coming; listen to it here), and Eroda gave us another clue that "Golden" is coming in the form of a tweet. I love how this "Golden" rollout is like a walk down memory lane of all the parts of the Fine Line era. Also, yesterday, I met Conan Gray (on Zoom) which I'm still processing and will probably write about it later, but he did an event for Sirius XM that will be played on Hits 1 in full and the video will be on their app. Additionally, Lauv and Conan Gray went live on TikTok for the world premier of the live version of "Fake" that was awkwardly the clean version... And Halsey was on the CMT awards performing "The Other Girl" with Kelsea Ballerini, which is a performance you don't want to miss (embedded below).


— visiteroda (@visiteroda) October 21, 2020

New Announcements for 10/21 releases: Julia Michaels is dropping the music video for "Lie Like This" at 11:45am EST. Also, Finneas just announced a new song "Can't Wait To Be Dead" which is teaser to save on from Instagram says is out tomorrow. I wasn't expecting a release so soon after his latest single. 

That being said, I'll create new page each week with the date to collect all the new information. Each entry will have a date and time added to keep track, and I'll tweet the link again with each new update. I'm excited to see where this goes. 

10/20/2020, 11:40 AM: The "Golden" music video has been in the works for the last month. If you follow Harry Styles (or even if you don't because it's constantly trending on Twitter), you'll have seen the candids taken from filming in Italy in sports cars, running in a nightgown, and driving a very fancy boat. Everyone thought the video was coming October 11th for International Golden Day, but that didn't happen. It would've been a fast video turnaround anyway. Now, however, there is concrete proof that the "Golden" video is coming because of my favorite place on the internet, The site was first created to tease Harry's album Fine Line and lead single "Lights Up". The black posters with "Do You Know Who You Are" with the Columbia logo at the bottom and the website surfacing were the first clues. If you haven't been yet, the website generates nice messages addressed to fans. You give them your name and it gives you a fortune cookie basically signed, Love, H. The background of my phone and computer currently say "Lauren, You are on your way. TPWK Love, H". It's an endless amount of sweetness and just combines all the reasons I love Harry. It's the most genius personal touch marketing scheme ever, and in true Fine Line marketing form, the website went unclaimed officially for a while, leaving fans to speculate. The website continued evolving with the error and became the first flag of hints for fans who checked it for changes religiously. It morphed for "Watermelon Sugar" become watermelon printed with lines from the song like "Baby, you're the end of June". Then there were the lyric shifts in the messages that matched "Adore You" to go with Eroda's mysterious release. Finally, we have reached the "Golden" phase of the website. When I saw GOLDEN IS COMING trending on Twitter, I rushed to the website as the key to knowing for sure. The website is now yellow (or gold technically) and tells fans "You Are Golden". This Tuesday morning tease seems perfect for a Thursday night/Friday video premiere, though it's hard to guess exactly because videos drop at all kinds of weird times now (so many morning releases?!). Also, this is perfectly timed for additional Grammy hype. Harry's team has been out campaigning hard for Fine Line to get its fair due after Harry Styles (the album and the person) was snubbed so hard the last time around. I think, as fans, we're all happy to benefit from their efforts as well. "Golden" will probably close the Fine Line era just over a year after it began- especially considering how up in the air the tour is. At least content-wise, this seems to be the end of the road. I can't wait to get one more video. As a side note, Harry has certainly gotten busy all the sudden as he was seen filming something with the Free Nationals today and starts Don't Worry Darling filming this week (read more about his new movie here). 

10/19/2020: Maybe this isn't strictly music news, but Halsey debuted a brand new look on TikTok. While she's been switching between long hair and braids recently, Halsey made a leap she'd been teasing for a while and shaved her head, mentioning on Twitter she felt like doing something she wasn't supposed to. While she was on TikTok debuting the look, she also deleted most of her old videos which was sad. If you want to see her big transformation, you can watch the video and check out her recent selfie. Halsey constantly blows my mind because she can have any hairstyle and wear any outfit and still look AMAZING. I've never seen anyone else who can truly pull anything off, but Halsey is the ultimate in style. Maybe it's confidence, but there seems to be something more unexplainable at play. She's truly beautiful inside and out. 


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