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It's a new week, and surely that means plenty of new news for the week. I started this segment to keep track of all the clues and new information we're getting. It started with "Golden", and now the video is finally releasing. 

10/26 8:00AM: Yesterday, HSHQ let us know that "Golden" would be releasing today. This morning, they finally gave us a time after Harries trended WHAT TIME on twitter yesterday. Two hours now. It's interesting that all of this information has come from HSHQ, not Harry's personal accounts. They used to have people posting on his behalf more often. Now, it seems like HQ is handling all of it. 

Also, the AMAs put out their list of nominees which is thoroughly confusing, and I might get into it more later. The award show will take place November 22nd. Here's the full list of nominees

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