August 2020 Pop Playlist- What's In My Earbuds

It's the last day of August, so I wanted to leave you with a playlist of all the music I've been listening to on repeat this month. Some are old favorites, some are new discoveries. This is my giant master playlist that I put on while I fall asleep, so I'm super picky about what I put on it. I talk you through each song choice more in depth, but many of these are spotlighted on my August Favorites video which is going up 12pm MT today. I'll add it in here when it goes live. You can go ahead and subscribe to my channel here.
If you want to use this playlist yourself, you can use this blog post to make it on a platform of your choice, or if you use Apple Music, I have a link to the playlist itself at the bottom of the article. What have you been listening to this month?
Songs: "A World Alone", "400 Lux", "Ribs"
I discovered Pure Heroine this month, so, of course, a ton of those songs made my August playlist. These three were my favorites, though I specifically mentioned "A World Alone" in my favorites video for August. I love the deep nostalgia steeped into the bones of all of these songs, and I also am a huge fan of how she makes the little moments seem so monumental. I'm so glad I fully discovered Pure Heroine this month, and if you want to watch me listen to it for the first time, you can watch that video here.

Billie Eilish
Song: "my future"
This song took a while to grow on me. The first time I listened, I was like, Oh, that's nice. It sounds like a Billie Eilish song. It was actually her promotion with Spotify to write a letter to your future self that got me to really pay attention to the song. I wrote a full review/analysis of the song and a bit about that promotion for the blog, so you can read it here if you want to learn more. But reading the lyrics made me realize that she made the song I really needed. A reminder that the future will be different, this won't last forever, and that we should all the in love with our futures. 

Song: "Love Somebody"
Back in July, Lauv released the Without You EP with a handful of new songs that have circulated through a few different playlists of mine. "Love Somebody" is one that I really latched on to this month. The video was really strange (three minutes of Lauv hugging some girl?), but he put out an amazing acoustic performance from his bed that made me give the song an extra look. I love the honesty and self exploration in this post break up track.

Kacey Musgraves
Songs: "Happy & Sad" and "Space Cowboy"
Like I said in my Favorites video, everyone gets into Kacey Musgraves moods. Kacey's music is just so incredible, and her lyrics are so insightful. She manages to voice such specific, difficult emotions. I always feel so good when I revisit her music. The two songs I chose are my top favorites off of Golden Hour.

Sasha Sloan
Songs: "Lie" and "Normal"
Sasha is finally putting out new music! She's released two singles this month, and her album, Only Child, got a release date (October 16th). I wrote about the first single "Lie" here and the second single, "House with No Mirrors" here. I've been a huge fan of Sasha's mix of singer songwriter and indie pop for the last year or so. I also discovered a Sasha song I hadn't heard before, "Normal", this month, which is now one of my favorite songs of hers. It's about doing a ton of stuff that you don't want to just to feel normal and fit in.

Harry Styles
Songs: "Meet Me In the Hallway", "Ever Since New York", "Woman", "From the Dining Table"
If you've read other playlists of mine, you know that Harry Styles always shows up somewhere on them. This month, I spent a lot of time revisiting debut. I appreciated a lot of the softer, quieter songs, and it fits well with a lot of the other songs I've added to the playlist.

Songs: "All Love", "If You're Gonna Lie", "About You", "If I Hated You", and "Feel"
Fletcher is another artist that started putting out new music and reminded me just how much I love her. A lot of the songs on this playlist are from Fletcher's EP You Ruined New York City for Me, which I had on repeat last summer. The other two are from Fletcher's newly announced album S(ex) Tapes (September 18th). All of them have Fletcher's trademark honesty and unique point of view. I feel like no one writes songs just as bluntly as Fletcher. If you want my full review of "If I Hated You", you can find that here.

Olivia O'Brien
Songs: "Just Friends" and "We Lied To Each Other"
If I had to pick an artist most similar to Fletcher, though, it would be Olivia O'Brien. While she hasn't put out anything new in a while, I chose these two tracks off her first album Was It Even Real? that don't get enough attention.

Conan Gray
Songs: "Greek God", "Grow", and "The King"
Similar to the songs I chose from Olivia, this month I added Conan Gray songs that I don't listen to often enough. Two of these are singles, so they don't come on when I play Kid Krow or Sunset Season. I also love the themes of "Greek God", and I felt like it fit well with "The King". This month, Conan put out a music video in support of "Heather" moving rapidly up the charts. It definitely made a splash, and I wrote about it here.

Song: "Hard Sometimes"
I discussed this one extensively in my Favorites video, but I discovered this song on a Spotify playlist, and it spoke to my soul. It's a song about depression and fighting for happiness despite feeling lonely and left behind. I'm always a fan of a piano ballad, but it's the lyrics that really hooked me.

Songs: "You & Jennifer" and "Get Stüpid"
Bülow doesn't have a ton of songs out yet, but they're all so good. Her thoughtful lyrics mix with a dance-pop background to make the perfect song to sit and contemplate or bop around to. I'm hoping she'll release more music soon, but she came up on a few playlists I was listening to, and I was reminded of just how much I love her music.

Taylor Swift 
Song: "The Lakes"
Taylor released "the lakes" onto streaming services, so I don't have to sit in the car to listen to it. While it's probably my least favorite song off of folklore (because all of those songs were like a million stars; you can read my track by track breakdown on the blog here), the chorus is still infectious. If you want to watch me listen to "the lakes" for the first time and give it a full analysis, you can find that video here. And if you want to watch me react to all of folklore, you can find that here.

Maude Latour 
Song: "One More Weekend"
This was one of my new discoveries for the month! I love the artwork for this song because, like the lyrics, it's just so New York. I miss being in New York so much. She tells the story of a relationship that came together and fell apart through the seasons. As she runs into them again, in the chorus, she asks for just one more weekend to relive all the good parts of their relationship. "One more weekend in the city".

The Neighborhood
Song: "Daddy Issues"
I explain the whole long story of how I discovered this song five years late (which wound up being pretty funny) in my August Favorites video, but to keep it brief here, this'll be on all my study playlists going into the school year. I love how calm and almost hypnotic the track is.

Songs: "I Lost a Friend", "Lost My Mind", "Partners in Crime", and "Die Alone"
I've been a fan of Blood Harmony since it came out. The Deluxe edition dropping this month led me to add a couple of the songs to my playlist again. I listen to "I Lost a Friend" and "Partners in Crime" quite a bit, but I wanted to also go back and listen to some of the songs that I don't hear as often. Finneas teased a single coming out September 2nd, so I'm super excited to give that a listen.

Song: "I Think I'm OKAY"
There's always a Yungblud song to fit my mood each month. Last month, it was "Weird". This month, it's his collaboration with MGK, "I Think I'm OKAY". The song focuses on mental health struggles in such a blatantly honest and cathartic way. It's a good song to play when you just want all the feelings out of your body.

That's the entire playlist! If you want more complete explanations for a lot of the featured tracks, I discuss them all (and my new favorite playlist on Spotify) in my August Favorites video, which I'll embed down below for you to watch. You can also find all my music reaction videos and playlist recommendations here. Please subscribe while you're there! If you want to get updates when new posts go up, make sure you subscribe by email on the homepage and follow me on Twitter and Instagram @mslaurenbrice. To listen to the full playlist, I've linked to it on Apple Music down below.

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