Candid Conversations: A Review of Lauv's Breaking Modern Loneliness

Two days ago, Lauv launched a new podcast and video series called Breaking Modern Loneliness. Interesting, it seems like your choices are to stream are YouTube or Spotify. I still haven't found it on Apple Podcast yet, but it might be coming. I was excited because I'm constantly searching for more podcasts. I listen to them almost constantly when I don't have music or audiobooks on because I can work but still have other voices around me. It makes me feel a little less alone- a little less isolated. Which is exactly Lauv's mission with his new show.
To kick it off, Lauv has given us three different episodes to listen to right away. He hasn't announced a posting schedule yet, but it seems like these episodes are just the start of an exploration into mental health, loneliness, friendships, and vulnerability. I liked that we got all three episodes to start because they're each a different spin on his concept. They also have varying runtimes from twenty minutes to forty. Overall, I enjoyed every episode. Lauv does a great job of adapting his hosting style to fit the guest he's talking to. He manages to make each conversation unique, personal, and casual. The show manages to be insightful and enlightening without trying to be anything in particular. If you like Lauv's music, the tone somehow translates directly into the podcast, and you'll find it affirming and relatable.
Across the three episodes, he talks to Dr. Vivek Murthy about loneliness and self worth, with mxmtoon about friendships and isolation, and with Jeremy Zucker on how hard it is to make new friends. All the episodes were interesting in their own way, but my favorite was with mxmtoon.
She's a nineteen year old singer-songwriter who got her start online. They talk about how hard it is to keep up with loved ones, even when you need connections. They also talk about how being an artist shapes their worldview and experience with loneliness. They both spend a lot of time alone, at home, or working in the studio with a handful of people. Their lives look so different than their friends that it can be hard for people to understand. mxmtoon remarks on how isolating her life was even before isolation and how it now just feels like everyone's experiencing what she's been going through for the past yea. I relate to that a lot. Their conversation is so candid. There's an easy relatability to it where you feel like a part of the conversation. Artists have a knack for translating their feelings and experiences into words, and that's showcased here on the most basic level. If you want to listen to one episode of this series, start with that one.
The most formal episode is with Dr. Vivek Murthy who has a new book out that he's promoting. He was the surgeon general under President Obama and has gone on to do lots of research on human connection. This was the episode I connected with least (maybe because I just heard him on the Goop podcast, so none of this information was new). Lauv did a good job of being open and asking questions that were personal and related directly to his experiences. His level of honesty and sharing throughout the show's episodes made all the difference. It's one thing for people to talk  about OCD and depression, it's another thing to talk about specific parts of your own experience. It makes it easier to connect to the specificity.
I also enjoyed the episode with Jeremy. The focus here was how hard it is to make friends as an adult, or as a person who has become self aware and self conscious. They talk about the challenges and mental blocks against putting yourself out there and putting in the time to get close to someone like you do when you're kids. This is probably the most universally relatable episode, and I loved that the conversation didn't end with a conclusion, a prescription for finding friends, or a list of ways to maintain the ones you have. It was just two guys putting out their thoughts, failures, and unrealistic expectations. I feel like too many shows want to answer questions that just don't have answers. There are so many variables to finding friends that it's impossible to help everyone. It's also a good reminder that, sometimes, what the people in your life need is a listening ear.
I completely recommend this podcast whether you're a fan of Lauv's music or not. It's delightfully casual and open. You feel like a part of an organic conversation relating to topics you probably wonder about in your regular life. Mental health and connection is at the forefront of every episode but presented uniquely each time and centered around Lauv's personal experience or a guest's. The more you listen, the more you realize that each of our little hang-ups, worries, concerns, and spirals are shared with tons of other people in the world.
Lauv accomplishes his major mission by reminding us that we aren't as alone as it seems.

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